Nearing the end of the semester, and I’m still going… non-stop!

I can see why people really enjoy this “being busy” thing. I’ve always known that I would prefer it, because I’m a Libra and I don’t like being bored. (But I can spend forever lounging)

My point is: I’ve been busy, and I love every second of it, even when I really don’t. Those are the times where I am tired of sitting on my butt doing incessant work. But it is all worth it! Here’s what’s up in Sophie’s life lately:

  • Nearly done with finals! Just have 2 big exams next week and a 15 page formal business report to turn in. It’s actually not too bad, but I just want to get it done.

Wow, okay one of my favorite tracks just came up on iTunes, take a listen while you read the rest of this post.

Okay, back to it…

  • I don’t remember if I’ve said: I got an internship! I am the PR Intern at Soft Cities, a company all about presenting your favorite location, with your personalized “Memory Markers” on soft, touchable, and comforting blankets and “Mapkins”! (Yes, that was just a simplified pitch I wrote off the top of my head.)
  • I have a lot of great opportunity with this internship because I will be working extremely hands on with PR, marketing, and even some business development!
  • Right now, my big project for the next two weeks is to built an as-complete-as-can be contacts database to pitch our products to. I get to look at and analyze awesome blogs and websites, and hopefully get the Soft Cities products featured on them! How awesome is that?
  • If you haven’t heard, I’m a part of this great student association at SFSU called the Fashion Network Association. We produce and present a fashion show each semester and create networking opportunities for our members. For the past 4 semesters, I have been a general member, the Website Chair, and part of the PR committee. Now, for (hopefully) my final year at SFSU, I will be the Vice President! The VP’s duties are more what I’m looking for: recruiting, business communication, and overseeing all the other chairs. I think I could be a great leader. Let’s see how it goes! I originally just wanted to be the PR chair, but heck, why not go for it? Here’s a couple of images from our Spring fashion show that happened just a couple of weeks ago.



Look at those lovely ladies! There’s our new Events Coordinator, Justine, on the left, our graduating President, Kayla, then me!, Melissa, one of our new Presidents for the next year, and Johanna, our lovely Events Coordinator for this past year.

More photos of the show can be found here:

It was a fantastic time. I can’t wait to work on the FNA a lot more next year. Definitely is a big commitment, but being able to contribute to producing events so fantastic as these fashion shows is my dream!

And we all know the VP is one of the most importnat roles.

Other things…:

  • I’m dedicating my summer free time to getting healthier, more fit, and expanding my brain!
  • I’ve got lots of time to spend on reading, learning Adobe CS5 applications, learning new cardio workouts, and just living the life I love.
  • I also have at least 2 festivals I will be going to this summer. Lightning in a Bottle, which is actually now in the town I grew up in! And Outside Lands here in SF. Maybe another, but I have to concentrate on saving my money.
  • It will be nice to see my family this summer as well. But I will be busy, so not too many vacation days!
  • ALSO a lot of time will be dedicated to getting my writing where I want it to be, reading lots of blogs, and of course… BLOGGING! Does it sound weird that that gets me real excited? Be prepared for some festival previews, and all the other posts will come together somehow… still need to work on finding some direction.

I have had a lot happening in the past week and it’s just been growing. Now, I’m off to do some intern work, work on my paper, and relax at my house, class-free. :)


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