Well, hi again.

I actually want to blog. And this time around there will be no rules nor guidelines. Just writing. And hopefully improved writing.

Going back to my high school mentality:

“Live life with no restrictions.”

(I always thought that was going to be my senior quote, but I chose something else… it was a quote from a magazine article of this cool artist whose name I’ve forgotten but I swore to never forget… It was “Do it without thinking of others.” I know, pretty hardcore.)

And that’s what I’m going to do with this blog. The only restriction is to post what I want, and not what I feel I need to post to get me somewhere.

I’m going to microblog.

I’m going to write essays.

I’m going to write whatever I want.

There might be pictures. There might not.

There might be paragraphs. There might not.

Maybe I’ll have an epiphany and tell myself writing is my destiny. Or not.

We’ll see.


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