Little victiories

I’m all about the little victories these days. Made the first step by going to a Debtors Anon meeting. Considering going to a Underearners meeting tonight, but unsure. Did not spend money this weekend. Nick helped a lot. We organized our finances. Planned for the next few months. We are deciding to cut down on the trips and save for one big trip in May to NYC! This has given me a reality check, or a goal moreso, that there are things to look forward to. I have two main things I need to save up for, and I have no choice but to save for them. Summer tuition and NYC trip. I can do this! Woke up today on the earlier side, had a great morning routine, and danced to STRFKR while getting ready for the day. Reminding myself to take things one step at a time. I have a lot of goals, and if I don’t learn to work towards them now, when will I? I want them now. I want to exercise more and lose some weight. I want to read more. I gave myself a Goodreads goal of reading 25 books this year. And my little victory with that is I am a little further in reading Inherent Vice. On Chp 6. I saw the movie and I am liking the book. I even dressed up a little 70’s today. Little victories. Today I aim to eat healthy and go for a long walk or exercise. I also got my new hoops in! Pictures and video soon.




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