How can I help my community?

I am continually getting the urge to get out from behind my computer desk and do something more. Be a teacher, help our youth, do something where it will really make a difference. Sure, I can make a difference in the tech world with my marketing and business skill, but I can no longer ignore the issues that need help the most. Our youth need help, especially our at-risk and homeless youth. And those are the worst. Even just everyday children need help. Someone to talk to, someone to help them learn. I want to help children who are living similar childhoods to me. My parents were home for dinner every night, but were always working to put dinner on the table. Did we ever have any more money to go and do other things? Not really. They were always too tired at the end of the day to help with my homework, with the little education they had. I want to help this younger generation to be the best they can. It is kind of a catch-22, because I did have opportunities given to me. I have to opportunities to go to school and do well for myself. Shouldn’t I take them and run? Be the person that my parents want me to be? They came to the U.S. to give me all the opportunities. To be successful, to make money, to not worry. And still, it does not seem like I am making a difference. I will just be making money to make myself safe, but not to stand out. I want to do more. I want to make more of a difference. I want to connect with more persons, with more personalities, teach children life lessons, and most of all, just be there to listen. Can’t that be considered success as well?

I see all the excess in the world. I know that it is not necessary. I don’t need to be a part of this big tech boom. I utilize it and am grateful for it, but I don’t need to contribute much more. There are other places where I can put my energy too. But what do I do? My mind is running with different options and ideas. Sure, I want to work at Facebook, or other places like that. But can’t I push myself a little more? My dream would be to work at some place like Watsi or Kiva, where I can help people help themselves. But, I have been thinking hard about working with youth. Either as a teacher or a support system. I don’t have any background in it, other than the drive to. I think I can start volunteering. I am completely naive to what may go on in the system. I admit that. But I am certain that I can make a change. I have always had a good feeling that I can help people, more than I can help technology.

I just know I need to end up doing more with my life than catering to the upper middle class. There’s plenty of people out there already. I can help those who need it. I’ve said it all my life, I want to help others. I might have to work in tech for a few years to figure out how I can best fit into helping the youth. But I know I can do it. I’ve known since I was little I would be a good teacher. I just have to see if I can move forward with it in the future.


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