Trying to find some inspiration

After a good run through of my feedly reader this morning, I’ve come back to that daunting feeling. I really should have a stronger blog and I want to create content. I think I have a good eye and really want to show what I know with the world. But how can I make it unique? Something that will draw readers, even if it’s just my close friends?

I would love to share a little bit more of my life with the world. I want to get better at writing and sharing and opening up. I’ve started playing around with the idea of buying myself a “nice camera” for a self-graduation present (even though I know I should be saving money, but I am planning this expense, should it should be good, and of course, after I pay off debts). I think it would be a great asset to my life, motivate me to be creative, because I think of myself creative, just don’t have a way to express it. I haven’t played with photography since high school, and I had a lot of fun with it. I am also going to New York City this May as a graduation/relationship trip with my main squeeze, and a new camera would make the trip so much better. I have started lurking r/photography for tips and ideas, and definitely looking to buy refurbished/used. I will try to do a WordPress Daily Post challenge to start with, with some of my favorite stock photography, I just need to push myself to do it! Why is it so hard to do something I actually WANT to do??? It’s so infuriating. I wish someone could tell me why. Is it fear of attention? Fear of not being able to keep up, so I just give up before I am even in it? Maybe. I know it’s ok to not post often, but I just want to post consistently. I always have ideas of what things I like to post, and what I find inspirational, just how to translate it is difficult. As I start diving into the job search, I think a blogging outlet to express my fears and anxieties and small goals will be very helpful. I know I can do this. I want to do this. Nothing should be stopping me. Just need to step up and get started!


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