The countdown begins

I’ve given myself 2.5 months to find a job. Wow. I have been pretty worried about prepping myself, and then I just remembered:

it’s March next week, as in, in just a few days.

Holy bananas, where did the time go? February, why are you so deviously short?

I’m giving myself a deadline of May 15 to find my summer situation. Either a summer paid internship or a full-time job. May 15 is a little late, so I hope to have something set up by then. The week after is focusing on finals and graduation. Then I will be going to NYC for a week, and then visiting my family for my little brother’s high school graduation on June 4.

So I have to be ready to come back to a full-time job on June 8 (or earlier). HOLY WOW.

Guess I really have to get on to working on my personal site and resumes asap! And just earlier today I thought I had plenty of time … Nope!

Wish me luck.



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