Hello March 2015.

The days will be getting longer soon enough! This makes me very excited. Weekends outside will be fun and tiring and beautiful and exciting. I’ll feel more productive during the days. And I will have to be more productive actually, seeing as mid-terms are coming up, job hunting is happening, and I’ll need to start sending resumes out soon. There’s a lot on my plate, and I’m not really sure what I’m waiting for. I feel like I’m waiting for something to push me to get started. I know what I need to do. Maybe I’m waiting for the right day. My gut tells me, that I am waiting for an entire day to myself to work on my website. A website with writing examples, an exposé on myself, etc. Maybe I need to give myself some harder deadlines of when I want things done. I’ve put a couple of things in my Google Calendar, so those should be a good start. I definitely want to have plenty of resumes out there by mid April. I’ve had some really great yoga sessions lately, and they have helped me with calming my mind and becoming confident. I’ve had a few freak out moments recently, but they were just fleeting moments, nothing too crazy. I’ve had some good talks with close friends and my guy, and they have all helped me feel more confident.

I have a big exam coming up on Wednesday, and an essay due next week (I haven’t written an essay in a few semesters!). After that, I’ll be able to begin creating a jobs spreadsheet and a stronger to-do list. Right now, just need to get my first set of mid-terms out of the way.

On a lighter note, I had an excellent weekend! Friday was bright and sunny, worked in the morning, and had a solid workout–a cardio bootcamp class outdoors and then Zumba in the gym’s courtyard. I was pretty excited for Zumba, even though it really isn’t my style of workout or dance, because I had a recent epiphany that I might actually be decent at hip hop style dance. I was thinking ahead into the future as I always do, and came to the realization that I could take hip hop classes once I graduate, as my designated workout/physical hobby. I am fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of the free cardio classes and gym/pool/facilities on campus, but that luxury will be no more once I get into the real world. There’s plenty of dance classes in the Bay Area, and I’m sure it will be lots of fun. I’m pretty dyslexic when it comes to choreography, but I’m sure with dedication and practice, I can get decent! It’s kind of exciting. I’ve always loved dance, always thought I had some rhythm, but never made the two click! Never thought I would be fit enough or good enough to attempt something so cool and unique and niche. I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty normal person on the outside, with the only unique thing about me is my music taste, but I realized that I am better than that, and that as a grown ass woman, I get the opportunities to make myself interesting. It is important that I find MYSELF interesting, and that is something that I’ve recently learned. That I don’t need to ask permission or find approval to do something I want to do. And wow, is it freeing. Back to my weekend, I had those great cardio classes, and then went to my friend Zoe’s yoga class she was teaching in the evening! It was a great class, a little difficult because I already worked pretty hard earlier in the day, and because the room was HOT, but that was good because it was a full class! We met up with our boyfriends later for some beer adventures, and had a great time just catching up. It was so nice to see her, it had been a while. It was just nice to relax with good people, without having to worry too much about being some place at a certain time. Nick and I were able to get through an episode of House of Cards before I passed out, haha.

Saturday was eventful too. Played a round of disc golf in the afternoon. Not an ideal round for me because a) I forgot my shoes and had to play in flip flops b) had long nails c) busted my knee a little the day before, so my spins weren’t as great as they could be. I’ll remember to always wear shoes in the future. We went down to the south bay to attend a going away party, which was very pleasant. There was also lots of food! YUM. It was the most grown up party I have been to, a bit overwhelming to be honest. Babies, strollers, cribs, and no drinking games. I was definitely the youngest person there, besides the babies. But it was fun chatting it up with a different group of friends. Saturday night, Nick and I went to see Brogan Bentley at the local music venue by his house, Neck of the Woods, which was an AWESOME place! The venue was bigger than I expected, with great sound, for an older spot. Definitely going back there.

Sunday was a blissful day at the beach, for my friend’s birthday gathering. It was nice to see my group of friends, all in one place, and just have fun. It was incredibly windy, hooping was near impossible!

I had a good day at work today, new projects are finally happening, so I won’t be bored tomorrow. It is great to be getting productive and not worry about my finances (I had a very fortuitous tax refund) or anything silly and juvenile. I am excited for future opportunities, and will try my very best not to worry too much. Well, that’s my general update for Mondays. (I’ve decided to at least write catch-up posts on Mondays!)

Cheers March, let’s hope to a productive one!


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