199 Three-Word Phrases That Will Make You A Better Person

I love these! I am going to write these up, put them in a jar, and look at them whenever I need a lift. Great mini-topics for blog posts too!

Thought Catalog

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 9.08.24 AMFlickr.com / Kevin Lallier

1. Accept constructive criticism

2. Action gets results!

3. Against all odds

4. All is well

5. Always add value

6. Always forgive yourself

7. Always live consciously

8. Always remain neutral

9. Analyze your weakness

10. Appreciate the moment

11. Ask for help

12. Avoid comparing yourself

13. Avoid drunk driving

14. Avoid financial hierarchies

15. Babysit for someone

16. Be a giver

17. Be here now

18. Be the change

19. Be your best

20. Because I can

21. Belief in yourself

22. Believe you can

23. Believe. Achieve. Receive

24. Block out haters

25. Break bad habits

26. Buy something useful

27. Call your mom

28. Can’t stop now

29. Celebrate your victories

30. Change is good

31. Cherish your kids

32. Connect with nature

33. Cook at home

34. Count your blessings

35. Daydream or romanticize

36. De-clutter your home

37. Design…

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