Recommend me things to read/watch/listen to about the “the long Sixties” (1958 to 1974)!

Surrounded by Sixties American culture and inspiration lately; I’m intrigued! Finished season 4 of Mad Men last night, grooving to a soul playlist on Spotify, and adding books about/from the era to my Goodreads list. About to start reading Joan Didion’s “The White Album”–a collection of essays–for my Biography of a City: Los Angeles class. I’ve also added several books about race and resistance issues during the era to my reading list. I would love some recommendations for essays, fiction and non-fiction literature, documentaries, films, anything at all about the “Long Sixties”!

I’m open to anything but I am most intrigued by these topics:

  • music (soul, rock)
  • race and resistance issues
  • women’s movement
  • growth of media and channels
  • development of California culture



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