Hope for the Teachers

Day Three of Writing 101 –

One-word inspiration

For today’s prompt, we select one word to inspire our post. The words included: hope, regret, home, choice, abundance, and secret. For my post, I was drawn to hope. Immediately I began reflecting on a video I saw yesterday. It is about  how outside circumstances are affecting the status of teachers in San Francisco.

I hope for so many things for the teachers, for the sake of our children. I have always considered becoming a teacher at some point in my life, and hope to make that happen to create change.

A list of hopes for the future of teaching and education:

I hope teachers get the respect they deserve. I hope children get the stability they deserve. I hope the children will want to learn and succeed and repeat the learning process for others. I hope that teachers can be better rewarded for all the work they do. I hope teachers will only be required to commit to just enough students. I hope that teachers be respected by parents, and not insulted or demanded so much of. I hope that teachers and parents can communicate easily. I hope that teachers will remember they are just human and it is ok to make mistakes. I hope that teachers know how much they are doing for society. I hope teachers will be paid more and given respectful benefits and understanding. I hope teaching and education can have a bigger place in our society. I hope our children will want to be teachers one day. I hope everyone can just work together.

And to conclude my short and rather quick post, I’d like to point out one of my favorite education-focused sites: edutopia. They focus on providing resources and support for teachers. I love their stories on schools that incorporate innovative techniques and methods.


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