Recently fell in love again with this track. Beautiful Monday evening grooves from the “Afternoon Groove” playlist on Spotify


Life is happening so fast…

I want the stressful part to be over, and the good part to start!

Here’s my response:

Recommend me things to read/watch/listen to about the “the long Sixties” (1958 to 1974)!

Surrounded by Sixties American culture and inspiration lately; I’m intrigued! Finished season 4 of Mad Men last night, grooving to a soul playlist on Spotify, and adding books about/from the era to my Goodreads list. About to start reading Joan Didion’s “The White Album”–a collection of essays–for my Biography of a City: Los Angeles class. I’ve also added several books about race and resistance issues during the era to my reading list. I would love some recommendations for essays, fiction and non-fiction literature, documentaries, films, anything at all about the “Long Sixties”!

I’m open to anything but I am most intrigued by these topics:

  • music (soul, rock)
  • race and resistance issues
  • women’s movement
  • growth of media and channels
  • development of California culture


Something I’ve been thinking about this week

So here is my question: how do you expect public transit to get any better if you don’t take it and don’t pay the money to take it? If public transit is not something you are willing to contribute funds for, how is it supposed to improve. I have seen a lot articles with ideas on alternatives to public transit–shared rides, luxury shuttles, cabs, etc. Sure these are great ideas. But how are they helping any current systems? Why are we so inclined to find new solutions instead of providing better solutions to creent systems? Yes it is a lot of work. Yes it will take more funds initially. But we need to fix current systems first. I won’t deny it, I have used shared ride services such as Lyft and Sidecar, and yes they are very convenient. It is nice to get places in a short amount of time and help others get extra income. But sometimes I just swallow my pride, accept a longer travel time and take public transit. It helps the city and I utilize the services my tax dollars are supposed to work for. This whole scenario is still confusing to me, and I have a lot of research to do. I just need to get my thoughts out about it. 

20 Small But Life-Changing Moments To Look Forward To In Your 20s

Thought Catalog


1. When you wake up and realize you like yourself. Not because of any success you achieved or any strife you may have overcome. You just realized that over time, you’ve created a person you like.

2. The freeing awareness that you don’t know everything, and you’re never going to know everything. And all you can do is try to read and listen and learn as much as possible while you can. 

3. When you decide that you can change some of your old habits. And though it might take time, effort, and consistency; and although it’s hard, it’s certainly completely worth it to become more of the person you want to be. 

4. But also realizing that you can’t change everything. That you will never have that much power or control. And the freedom that comes in knowing this at different stages is especially wonderful.


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